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The importance of a happy team

Not much makes me happier than having a happy team! When you've reached the level of needing others to support you in your business, it's important they're on the same page as you, they have the same values, and they share your vision for the success of the business. They won't come ready programmed; in order to achieve great results from your team, you must nurture them!

Here is how I've built a small team so far, who I am incredibly proud of and support me, as well as me supporting them. Let's start at the beginning:

Firstly, I base my interview process off of those with a good resumé. You need to know what they are and are not good at first, there is no point speaking to someone who isn't going to be capable of the job you need doing.

These are then filtered down to the 1-1 interview stage where I go purely off connection and gut instinct! If we don't click then it's a no from me. If we have a good conversation, they've done their research, they seem keen, ambitious, willing to learn and be a part of a successful team, then usually I'm pretty happy. But the deciding factor is my gut instinct. I will know if they'll be a good fit or not within the first few minutes, and the best thing is that they can do nothing to manipulate my gut feeling! My guts never wrong.

Next, the nurture!

Training your team is huge! Not necessarily to do the job, but to do it in a way that suits your business. Often, we hire people who are better at things than we are otherwise we would do it ourselves, but you want the work they produce to be something you're proud of.

People's standard of work varies massively!

Personally, I'm a perfectionist, I do like things done to a high standard, so if something isn't quite how I'd like it, I make sure I address it kindly, tell them what I would like changed and why. They need to know why their work wasn't to your approval or the same mistake will happen again, this is when your team will fall apart as you will get frustrated, they will feel undervalued, and eventually the relationship will end!

On a more personal level, nurturing my team is something I care deeply about, not just from a training perspective, but I often check in on their happiness within the team, how they're enjoying their job role and how they feel about the future working within the company.

It comes very natural to me to check in with them because, I believe, if they love their job then they'll be doing it to their best!

I appreciate every one of my team members. We have a great relationship, we love a chin-wag but we always discuss business as a priority.

I believe I'm good at drawing the line between professional and personal. They do know me 'as a person', but they only have my work phone number, for example! We have boundaries and with that, a mutual respect.

Work-life balance is a priority to me, it's one of the main reasons EleVAte exists as I help our clients achieve a healthy balance, but it's also something I prioritise with my team! I NEVER expect too much from them, out of hours or setting harsh deadlines. I encourage they take holidays, days off, time with family, birthdays etc and always for health! I worked for a big company once, and I will never be an over-demanding, demoralising, ungrateful boss - we are all real people and a work-life balance will always be a priority to me for my team.

One of the parts I really do love about having a team is paying them! Knowing I help to support them and their families financially, and making a difference to their lives, is very fulfilling to me.

I also believe, if you feel happy when you pay your team, then that because they're doing a good job and they're deserving of it.

At any point you start to resent paying someone, it is likely because there is an issue there. Address it! Communication is key in EVERY relationship, especially within a business where you wish to maintain a healthy team moral.

Something that many CEO's might not admit to, is needing support themselves. Generally, I am an extremely happy, positive and motivated person, but on days where I have been struggling, there has been multiple occasions when just speaking to my team in our team meeting, or just a quick conversation with one of them has really picked me up!! To me, this is gold, this is when I know I have the best team, when they're the ones getting me back on track if I need it! That is special and I will always be grateful to them.

I hope this helps when it comes to building and nurturing your team, and maybe helps your mindset over paying wages! Because at the end of the day, without your team, it is just you, and you can't do everything, as much as you tell yourself you can. Share your load 💙

I would love to hear about your team building below! Any questions also welcome 😊


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