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Maximise your current team and get your Social Media to make an impact!

We have been busy building some fabulous 1-1 team trainings for you and your team!

At EleVAte, we are trained and experienced Social Media experts and we want to share our knowledge with business owners and their teams.

Rather than outsourcing your social media to an external company, use our team training to learn all the tips and tricks of a professional social media management team and turn your own team into a fully functional, slick, social media machine that makes and impact!

What is involved?

Our 1-1 Social Media Team Trainings welcome you and your team to a face-to-face or zoom meeting with EleVAte boss, Jess, for a maximum of three hours, to learn everything from the very basics of Social Media, all the way through to mastering top level techiniques.

The training will be completely customised to your needs and the current level of knowledge in your team, so we can be as basic or as deep as you want us to be!

Training will cover:

Full team training
Action taking within the meeting
Training of softwares and systems
How to create engaging posts
How keywords and hashtags work
How the algorithm works
Strategising engagement

Types of content

Content pillars
Content planning
Content creation
Organising content
Capturing the perfect photo and video content
Permissions and Policies

When signing you and your team up for our Social Media Team Training, you will also receive your own customised content planner for on-going use, our 2024 content calendar with dates and ideas, plus 30 content ideas to help you with any creativity-blocks in the future.

Are you ready to turn
your team into
Social Media Pro's?

The full investment of the

Social Media Team Training is £297.


Hit the button below to purchase your training. You will be sent a confirmation email where you can select the day and time that works best for you and your team to complete the training!


We can't wait to see the transformation of your online presence!

Social Media Team Training




"I reached out to Jess a few months ago because I was doing everything within my business, the admin, social media, trying to grow my dance school all on my own with no one else to talk to and support me in decisions etc all, it was lonely and overwhelming. Jess has taken a weight off my shoulders and now helps with everything above which means I can now spend time other things within the business. She is always there to listen and support my ideas and worries and never forces me to do anything I don't want to do. I come away from our meetings feeling motivated and ready to take on a challenge to grow my business, which I didn't feel before I met Jess. So thankful for all the services she offers!!"

Claire Andrews

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