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Ever Considered a Side Hustle?

We have been developing an incredible 4-week course, ‘Side Hustle Success’, designed for people already in work to launch a side hustle in just one month and start earning more money!


Maybe you’ve got a passion or hobby on the side - let’s monetise it!


Maybe you’re needing to find new ways of making more money - let’s brainstorm and make it happen!


Maybe you’ve already got a side hustle but you really need it to start bringing in the money - lets scale!!

I want to empower people who are in their current job but who want MORE from life and more money.

Side Hustle Success covers 4 Modules in 4 Weeks!

Side hustles work alongside your current full-time or part-time job, and there are plenty of ideas out there that can take as much or as little time as you can afford while bringing you an extra top-up to your bank account, or even make such a profit that it overtakes your main income!

Within the four weeks, we will cover:

Starting Up

Turning Passion into Money
Finding your ideal customer



Side Hustle Creation


Making Money

Work-Life Balance

The Future!

Side Hustle Success involves a weekly group training meeting with EleVAte boss, Jess; these meetings will be full of creativity, learning, advice and positivity. We will complete tasks in your workbook and set tasks to complete between training meetings. You will have access to our Side Hustle Success Facebook group for networking, community and conversations, and everyone in Side Hustle Success also has the opportunity to have 1-1 Guardian meetings with Jess with a 20% discount off the standard price.

How much is Side Hustle Success? £497

When does it start? First intake will be in April 2024, date TBC

What if you can't make the meetings? All training meetings are recorded and will be sent to you if you cannot attend live.

Are you ready to turn your passion in to money?

If you're creative, ambitious, and want to earn more money on the side, then this course is for you!

I'm here to guide you through creating, launching and supporting your new venture, and I can't wait to see the success and freedom it brings you!

Intake opens soon! Sign up to our wait list now for early access!



"I reached out to Jess a few months ago because I was doing everything within my business, the admin, social media, trying to grow my dance school all on my own with no one else to talk to and support me in decisions etc all, it was lonely and overwhelming. Jess has taken a weight off my shoulders and now helps with everything above which means I can now spend time other things within the business. She is always there to listen and support my ideas and worries and never forces me to do anything I don't want to do. I come away from our meetings feeling motivated and ready to take on a challenge to grow my business, which I didn't feel before I met Jess. So thankful for all the services she offers!!"

Claire Andrews

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