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Business Guardian

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'EleVAte - Business Guardian' is a branch off of the EleVAte tree.

This is where we build business strategies together, guide and support you and your business in the right direction, bringing fresh idea's, inspiration and accountability.
We love helping a business grow and develop, and after time, seeing the business owner reap the benefits, and living life on their terms!

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Training, Tips, Strategy, Support, Empowerment and Growth

New Course!

'Side Hustle Success!

We have been developing an incredible 4-week course, ‘Side Hustle Success’, designed for people already in work to launch a side hustle in just one month and start earning more money!


Social Media Team Training

Maximise your existing team and let us help to train them to become a slick, fully functional, social media machine!

How can we help?

Business owners are constantly faced with decisions to make, and sometimes you just need someone there to encourage you to take the plunge, or stop you from doing something silly without knowing! Naturally, we turn to family and friends in these circumstances, but they may not always be giving you the right advice to benefit your business; and this is where our honest but friendly guidance comes in.

We work with startups to help you on the right track from the start, as well as established businesses who need a bit of guidance to boost confident and excel.

We not only work on the practical aspects, but we also work on mindset and motivation.

"Never be scared to dream big - opportunities are everywhere and easier to grab than you probably realise!"

- Jess Keene, Owner - EleVAte Virtual Assistant

Monthly 1-1's

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What Our Clients Say

Kathryn Hurley - Principal, ROKH Dance

"Jess has addressed those niggly, icky tasks that I put off forever. It is wonderful to hand it over and know that it is being handled well. 
Working with Jess is easy and I always feel as though I am moving my business forward when I talk with her. Jess is approachable, offers fantastic advice and knows her stuff!"
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