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Welcome to the MAGIC of Automation

Streamline your processes without lifting a finger!

Did you know, data can be sent from one software to another, automatically, to avoid multiple inputting of the same information over and over, and saving you an incredible amount of time!

We can streamline your enquiries, bookings, payments, emails, accounting, reviews, appointments, shop, forms/questionnaires, and more!

Below are just a few software you might already use or have heard of which can be used in our automation services, incase you didn't know:


  • Mailerlite/Mailchimp/Active Campaign

  • Trello/Asana

  • Xero/Quickbooks

  • Google Sheets/Excel

  • Google Calendar

  • Outlook/Gmail

  • Your CRM

  • Jotform/Google Forms

And so many more!

See our standard automation below, or book a discovery call to discuss a unique set-up.

Best Seller!


For Dance Schools

Enrolment Automation



Valid until canceled

What is the Dance School Enrolment Automation?

This is a slick system we set up to streamline the enrolment of students to your schools and academies.

From enquiry to sign-up, each step is automated, including trial registrations and no-shows. All leads are kept organised and their progress can be tracked effortlessly.

This automated system means your leads are kept informed and experience a professional welcome as they join your school. Leads are not missed or lost, they're organised and taken care of, saving you so much time!

On-going to support, including software update, email copy edits is covered in £25 monthly fee once your automation is complete and switched on. 

Automation Services


Enrolment Automation for Dance Schools

From Enquiry to Signup - automated!

  • Up to 5 Lists (more available at an additional £32 each)

  • Reusable Email Template Setup

  • Software Account Setup if needed

  • Content Writing

  • Integration Setup

  • Automation Setup

  • Links and Buttons

From £295


12 Month Nurture/Marketing Sequence

  • Up to 12 emails to send monthly

  • Research in to your business

  • Fully Tailored Copywriting

  • Account and List/Group Setup

  • Automated Sending

  • Trigger Setup

  • Links and Buttons

From £355


Lead Magnet and Nurture Sequence

Start with something to intrigue a lead and nurture them using automation to convert them into a paying customer. You can include a sequence of automated emails to any part of your business, to keep your customers informed and feel valued.

  • Up to 3 emails

  • Fully customised to suit your business

  • Lead capture design

  • Lead capture setup

  • Email list setup

  • Reusable template design

  • Copywriting

  • Automation setup

  • Links and Buttons included

From £169

  • Enrolment Automation

  • 12-Month Email Sequence

  • Lead Magnet and Nurture Sequence


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Automation can be overwhelming and confusing.

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