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Behind-the-scenes transformation at EleVAte!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

I’d love to share with you an exciting transformation that's been going on behind the scenes at EleVAte.

I do feel like I owe you a bit of an explanation, depending on how deeply you follow my business, you may have noticed a few branding differences; like a new font but most importantly, different wording!

As you may already know, I founded EleVAte in April 2021, as I loved helping my Mums dance school 'pre-covid' with the techy and marketing side of things, so I trained properly so I could help other schools too.

Shortly after launching, a client and I discovered the 'Business Guardian' within me. I wasn't quite sure of the path for this but it was certainly a seed that was planted, and over the last two years it's kind of sat in the soil keeping warm. I didn't really tell many people it was there but the 'passion' to nurture this seed grew stronger and stronger, it started sprouting but I didn't really have a name for it, or a place for it to grow, yet I knew that letting it grow was what felt natural and it made me happy.

Last weekend, I went away to Worcestershire at the Next Level VA Business Retreat with Kellie Williams, 'At The Drop of a Hat'. I finally realised that letting the 'Business Guardian' seedling grow is perfect, and I finally had a name, a title, a direction!! You see, the Business Guardian side of me (of EleVAte) is not the 'doing', it's not the admin, the social media, the marketing, that's the Virtual Assistant side where my team are. The Business Guardian is FAR deeper. It's getting inside the business, inside the business owners head, into their dreams and passion, and making it happen! It is growth.

However, I knew the word 'Coach' wasn't right, it just doesn't feel right, neither does Mentor, Consultant, or any others I could think of that kind of say what I do. I had heard the title 'Online Business Manager' (OBM) many times, but to be honest, I wasn't really sure what it was so I didn't know if I fell under that title or not!

But I so do!

As soon as Kellie and the group were discussing it, I was ticking all the boxes, plus more, and realised I'm a bloody brilliant OBM!! And I didn't even know it!

It all fell into place, it clicked! EleVAte - Business Guardian is 'Jess Keene, OBM', diving in, analysing, creating, planning, supporting and motivating the business owner, with my team of VA's to put the plans/strategies/physical functional 'doings' into action!

The purpose behind EVERY service within EleVAte is to better the LIVES of as many business owners as possible, by helping to make their business the best it can be. By doing this, it gives them a better work-life balance, they feel proud of their achievements, they have financial success whilst having the freedom to live life to the fullest with those around them that they love.

I am so grateful for my whole journey so far, and super excited to take EleVAte even further in 2024 with my amazing team, the most wonderful clients and hopefully enhancing the lives of many more business owners!


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