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How I Built a Successful Business as a Mum with a Chronic Illness

As we prepare to celebrate our 3rd birthday at Elevate - Business Development Services, as owner and founder, I can't help but reflect on the incredible journey that has brought us to this milestone, running a successful business as a Mum with a chronic illness.

It's been a journey filled with excitement, challenges, and moments of doubt, but through it all, one thing remains clear: with the right mindset and determination, anything is possible!

My journey as a business owner, a mum to two young children, and someone living with a chronic illness has been anything but conventional. Starting from scratch, with no prior experience in this job role or any investment, I embarked on this entrepreneurial path with nothing but an idea and a relentless drive to make it happen. Little did I know that the challenges I faced would only serve to strengthen my resolve and fuel my determination to succeed.

Jess, owner of Elevate, cuddling her two children.
Jess built her business while bringing up two young children

One of the challenges I faced was balancing the demands of running a fast-growing business with the responsibilities of motherhood. I never expected the business to take off so quickly, and with my son starting school only in September 2023, I had over two years of considerable juggling ahead of me. From managing schedules to finding time for both work and family, it often felt like an uphill battle at times. But through careful planning, prioritisation, outsourcing to my team and the unwavering support of my family, I was able to find a balance that allowed me to manage both roles.

However, perhaps the most significant challenge from the age of 21, was living with Crohn's disease, a chronic illness that has been a constant companion on my business journey. Despite its debilitating effects, I decided to accept the changes I needed to make in my life to stay well, it was a hurdle to navigate on the path to success.

Living with Crohn's disease requires careful management and self-care, something that can be especially challenging for a busy entrepreneur and mum. It requires me to have a unique diet, including the times of which I eat a meal, and a fairly strict routine for sleep too. But I firmly believe that by creating a life that prioritises my health and well-being, I have been able to keep my symptoms at bay and live a fulfilling, productive life. From minimising stress and anxiety to listening to my body's needs and taking time for self-care, I have found ways to thrive despite the challenges I face. I work with my illness, not against it.

Launching Elevate on the tail end of a global pandemic was interesting and unknown, but it was a challenge I was determined to pursue. With the world turning to virtual platforms, I seized the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and seek out online training opportunities during the pandemic, that would help me hone my skills and turn my idea into a business. On April 12th, 2021, Elevate - Business Development Services was launched, gaining clients fast and rapidly growing to unimaginable levels.

Jess, owner of Elevate, sitting at her desk looking calmly at her laptop with her dog by her feet
Jess learnt to balance business around the needs of her illness

Today, as we celebrate three years of growth, success, and resilience, I am filled with gratitude for the journey that has brought me here, as well as for bringing my incredible team into the business and being able to support them as well as our clients.

My experience as a mum with Crohn's disease has taught me that with the right mindset and determination, anything is possible. I hope my experience serves as a source of inspiration for others facing similar challenges, showing them that they too can overcome adversity, and create a life that makes them happy, healthy and free.

As we look towards the future, I am excited to continue growing and evolving Elevate, empowering businesses to reach new levels of success and bring freedom to themselves too. With passion, perseverance, and a belief in oneself, anything is possible if you want it enough.


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