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Welcome to our January


1st - 7th January 2024

Get 35% Off


Social Media


Business Guardian

Web Design

Travel Apps

35% OFF (First Month)

Social Media BOOST Package


  • 4 posts per week / 16-20 posts per month

  • Monthly Strategy Call

  • Content Calendar

  • Tailored Design

  • Unlimited Platforms

  • Monthly Report

  • Keyword Research

  • Hashtag Research


Discount Code: BOOST-Jan24

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Every month

Giving your platforms the BOOST they need.

Valid until canceled

35% OFF

6-Month Business Growth Support

If you want 2024 to be the turning point in your business, to make more money and have it run like clockwork, for you to be in control, feel empowered and create the work-life balance you dream of, then we are here to get you there!


The initial payment is £199 minus your 35% off, which covers the initial 2-hour meeting where we put your plan in place.​

We will then have FIVE more follow-up calls, each at just £75, filled with support, inspiration, motivation, and plenty of accountability to keep the plan on track.


Discount Code: GROWTH-Jan24

Or Buy NOW!

6-Month Business Growth Plan



Valid for 6 months


35% OFF

Enrolment Automation
(Dance Schools)

This is a slick system we set up to streamline the enrolment of students to your schools and academies.

From enquiry to sign-up, each step is automated, including trial registrations and no-shows. All leads are kept organised and their progress can be tracked effortlessly.

On-going to support, including software updates and email copy edits is covered in £25 monthly fee once your automation is complete and switched on. 


Discount Code: ENROL-Jan24

Or Buy NOW!

Enrolment Automation



Valid until canceled

35% OFF

'Designer' Website


  • 4 Main Pages with Dynamic Sections

  • Full Development

  • Fully Branded Design

  • Copywriting Included

  • SEO Optimisation

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Mobile-First Design

  • Clickable Links and Buttons


Discount Code: WEB-Jan24

Or Buy NOW!

Designer Website



Valid until canceled

Stock Computer

Who We Are

As an Online Business Manager, Jess loves to guide busy business owners on the path to success. She does this by finding the cause of your problems and assigning a solution to each one. Together, we start to then build your idea of the future, creating realistic and ambitious goals, putting in place structured plans to achieve each one with Jess by your side, guiding you the whole way, to keep you motivated, accountable and in a positive mindset, as well as being your biggest cheerleader!


Jess's incredible team of Virtual Assistants are there to action any tasks you dislike, aren’t good at, or do not have time for, to take the weight off of you and give you back more time to focus on the better things. They are a fantastic, supportive and creative team of wonderful people, carefully handpicked by Jess and together, we are EleVAte!

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